Insulated Container - Air-Conditioned Container / General info

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  Your advantages:   Technical Details:   Range of application:
Carefully chosen
Complete sheet steel construction
For the storage as well as
Thoroughly inspected
welded container corners   the transportation of meats, fishes,
instant usage
Convertible container loading   fruits, milk products,
immediate delivery
Massive locking mechanism
Bakery products, chemicals, and so on
not a weight saving construction
Polyurethane insulation 80 - 100 mm
Application in modification times
secured storage areas
Stainless steel or
Application for large
burglar proof   GFK- interior panelling
Storage area for your major customer
Cold or heat protection
2 Portholes (ventilation openings) for the
A refrigerator for large events
  for sensible products   connection onto a central cooling system
A reserve storage area at trade fairs
Connect. for external aggregates
Dimensions according to ISO-Norms
As an aggregate / compressor housing


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Isoliercontainer Porthole


Port hole (ventilation openings) for the connection onto a central cooling system or the ships own cooling device (Diameter of approx. 260 mm)