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 In different dimensions (see delivery program )
 New containers and used containers (see container photos)
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Technical Details:


Massive steel profile frames with 8 container corners (transport / assembly) and fork lift pockets



  (Frame with grounded with 2 component zinc phosphate priming coat, primed and painted)
Optimal warmth and sound insulation through double sided plastic coated fixing plates (E1)
  Thermal insulation according to the place of work regulation as well as the fire prevention class
  A2 according to DIN 4102
Inlaying gutter with 4 down pipes Nominal size 60 (per Container module)
Zinc plated profile sheet steel roof, high quality warmth insulation, load capacity 1.50 KN/m³
Weld shut PVC floor covering with high quality warmth and moisture insulation
Load capacity 2.50 KN/m³ (greater load capacities on request)
When requested, deliverable with interchangeable wall elements (construction kit principle)
  therefore the expansion to a large office is possible
Plastic windows with double glazing insulating glass, burglar proof and with belt rolls
Electrical installation of 380 / 220 volt according to the VDE regulations,  
  the cables are subsurface installed  
Manufactured according to the newest heat insulation ordinance  
  (En Ev 2002 - from a room volume more than 100m³)  
All parts accord to the VDE Norm (Manufactured according to VDE and DIN)  
Supply piping is completed using copper pipes  
The drainage is carried out using PVC pipes  
Colouring in the RAL tone of your choice  
Quality monitored by the "Germanischen Lloyd", type inspection  
Dimensions according to the ISO Norm (Customised dimensions can also be delivered)  
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