Sanitary Container - Shower Container - Toilette Container / Photos


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Part of a sanitary room that has been equipped with floor and wall tiles
 (urinal, sink, paper dispenser, etc.)



Shower cabin



Shower cabin with sliding door



Shower cabin during the installation inside a tiled sanitary room



Overhead boiler during the installation



Sink arrangement



Installation of the showers and sinks inside a tiled sanitary container



PVC flooring



Urinal in the preliminary wall installation with separating wall and flush knob



Wash room installed with wall and floor tiles



Sink in preliminary wall installation



Installation wall including fitted hanging urinals, sinks as well as separating wall.
Therefore all of the piping runs behind a wall Furthermore, an additional placement area has been created.




PVC flooring coating, 2.0mm thick, exposure class K3, anti slipping, led across the whole surface and solidly welded, ends with a white hard-core skirting board.



Outflow and inflow of the sanitary container



Attachment for the excrement tank



Sanitary container construction with external illumination as a customised version !



Exclusive washstand for e.g. VIP-Sanitary rooms



Exclusive washstand for e.g. VIP-Sanitary rooms



Special ceiling lightning for e.g. VIP-Sanitary rooms



Sanitary container construction with the excrement tanks anchored underneath