Modular Warehouse Container Systems - Storage Moduls

The modules are "customised" for your requirements and assembled on site. The individual modules can be supplied with all types of special and supplementary equipment. It gives you the option of creating small warehouses with the desired features - without "high" financial expenditure. Basically, these are new containers offered for sale.

'Lagerhalle' bestehend aus 3 Stück 20´- Lagercontainer - Modulen 'Lagerhalle' bestehend aus 3 Stück 20´- Lagercontainer - Modulen

Fig. "Warehouse" consisting of three 20´ modules (This example shows the container-modules F + E + L)

The following standard modules are available





Standard modules have the following dimensions:
 L = 6.058 mm x W = 2.438 mm x H = 2.591 mm



For detailed information, please download the following PDF file, print it out, tick the corresponding modules of which your warehouse is to be composed
and fax the form to +49 (0) 4167 - 698 48 49

Warehouse module form:  - pdf 16,0 kB


We will shortly send you a detailed offer.